Traditional Bingo Calls

DSC06341-bPhrases or words in brackets following the original is referred to by a bingo phone yelled reply. That is occasionally called bingo terms.
In addition, you will discover that several amounts are referred to by a number of bingo calls – like ‘Danny LaRue’.
There’s no ‘right’ way round to phone the figures. Some callers will-call then the old saying and the amount. The others are going to call the word afterward the amount. But many may combine others as bingo that is particular calls only ‘sound correct’ a manner that is particular.
These phones recorded below are generally English in source. Although anybody seeking carefully at bingo’s real history might find it has been – and is still – performed with all around the globe. There will also be several other quality bingo workers accessible where you are able to select from several games while this website as a complete will focus up on bingo websites British. The games themselves may be comparable in that 90-ball bingo (the English variant) and 75-ball bingo (the U.S. variant) tend now to be accessible on all websites along with 80 ball bingo, speed bingo and a number of other versions.


1:     Kelly’s eye | at the beginning | buttered scone

2:    one little duck | me and you | Little Boy Blue

3:    you and me | cup of tea | one little flea | goodness me

4:     knock at the door | the one next door

5:     man alive | one little snake

6:     Tom Mix | chopsticks | Tom’s tricks | half a dozen | chopping sticks

7:     lucky | one little crutch | God’s in Heaven

8:     garden gate | one fat lady | she’s always late | Golden Gate

9:     doctor’s orders | doctor’s joy

10:     David’s den | uncle Ben | cock and hen

11:     legs

12:     one dozen | monkey’s cousin

13:     unlucky for some | bakers dozen | the Devil’s number

14:     the lawnmower | Valentines day

15:     young and keen

16:     never been kissed

17:     often been kissed | dancing queen | old Ireland

18:     coming of age | now you can vote

19:     end of the teens | goodbye teens

20:     one score

21:     key of the door | royal salute

22:     two little ducks (quack quack) | ducks on a pond | dinkie-doo

23:     The Lord is My Shepherd | thee and me | a duck and a flea

24:     knock at the door | two dozen

25:     duck and dive

26:     half a crown | pick and mix | bed and breakfast

27:     duck and a crutch | gateway to heaven

28:     in a state | overweight | The Old Braggs | a duck and its mate

29:     rise and shine | in your prime | you’re doing fine

30:     Dirty Gertie | Burlington Bertie

31:     get up and run

32:     buckle my shoe

33:     dirty knees

34:     ask for more

35:     jump and jive

36:     three dozen

37:     more than eleven

38:     Christmas cake

39:     steps | Jack Benny

40:     life begins | two score | naughty forty

41:     life’s begun | time for fun

42:     Winnie the Pooh | the street in Manhattan

43:     down on your knees

44:     droopy drawers

45:     halfway there | cowboy’s friend | halfway house

46:     up to tricks

47:      four and seven

48:     four dozen

49:     PC (nick nick)

50:     half a century | bullseye | Hawaii five oh

51:     tweak of the thumb | The Highland Div

52:     Danny La Rue | The Lowland Div | pack of cards | weeks in a year

53:     here comes Herbie (beep beep) | stuck in a tree | The Welsh Div | the joker

54:     house with a bamboo door | clean the floor

55:     snakes alive | bunch of fives

56:     Shotts bus | was she worth it? (she was)

57:     Heinz | Heinz varieties | beans means Heinz

58:     make them wait | choo choo Thomas

59:     the Brighton Line (woo-woo)

60:     five dozen | three score

61:     bakers bun

62:     tickety-boo | turn of the screw | to Waterloo

63:     tickle me

64:     red raw | The Beatle’s number

65:     stop work | retirement age

66:     clickety click

67:     made in heaven | the argumentative number

68:     saving grace

69:     anyway up | the same both ways

70:     three score and ten

71:     bang on the drum

72:     Danny LaRue | six dozen | par for the course

73:     queen bee | a crutch and a flea | camomile tea

74:     candy store

75:     strive and strive | on the skive | Big Daddy

76:     was she worth it? (she was) | trombones

77:     two little crutches | sunset strip

78:     heaven’s gate

79:     one more time

80:     Gandhi’s breakfast | four score | there you go matey

81:     stop and run

82:     straight on through | fat lady with a duck

83:     time for tea | fat lady and a flea | Ethel’s ear

84:     seven dozen

85:     staying alive

86:     between the sticks

87:     Torquay in Devon | fat lady with a crutch

88:     two fat ladies (wobbly wobbly) | Connaught Rangers

89:     nearly there | almost there | all but one

90:     four score and ten | top of the shop | end of the line | top of the house


Needless to say it is not a list that is complete – you can find several amusing – and ill-mannered! – calls produced now. Additionally calls have transformed – and been overlooked – over recent years. This Bingo jargon has sources that are generally not known and changed. Also areas that are distinct have – or had – their particular bingo calls that have been not general to nearby attractions, traditions or their language. Enjoying in a-game of hamlet bingo or a hall may probably be to enjoying around the south shore of Britain, different!
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